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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Should network marketers take time to focus on self-branding? 

by Daria Jones

I was inspired to write on this topic after reading several books--some for cold calling and other against it. In any case, the authors who wrote against cold calling introduced me to the idea of self-marketing or personal branding.  Personal branding involves using branding tools to create an image around the person and not on the product s/he sells.  Personal branding gives you visibility to potential prospects and credibility-- the two essential ingredients that motivate prospects to do business with you. There are three major benefits to self-marketing, it:

  1. Eliminates the need to cold call because it gets people to call you ready to buy
  2. Increases your sales numbers exponentially because your time flips the script on prospecting 80% of the time and closing sales 20% of the time to prospecting 20% of the time and closing sales 80% of the time
  3. Opens the door to referrals

In other words personal branding puts you, the network marketer in the power seat because when the prospect calls you first, the prospect is the one who is in need, all you have to do is fulfill that need.  That alone is enough for me to say, Yes, network marketers do need to focus on self-branding.  The next logical question is,"How do you do that?" 

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A. Schedule some"me" time: Make self marketing a habit--include the time you take in     
     building your ME brand into the time you take in self development and building your 

B. Brag a little by:  

  1. Using online forums and drop some knowledge on what makes you successful (even if it is only a mindset at this point) and 
  2. Using  testimonials from happy customers to folks in your down-line who are successful because of the orientation and training resources you provided them when they went all-in with you as a business partner, and
  3. Making your story known (your how and why you became involved with the company beyond the monetary potential; the benefits you've personally received from using the company's products or services)
C. Talk the talk: Use industry jargon in your blog posts and position yourself as an expert.

D. Miscellaneous:

  • Create a personal logo
  • Shoot a personal branding video that introduces you and your product to the audience
  • Develop copy material for you personal brand's landing page
  • Develop a killer personal introduction /10 second biography that answers the questions:

  1. Who are you? 
  2. What do you have to offer? 
  3. What motivates you to offer it?

Take the first steps toward attracting prospects to you.  Set yourself at the head of the competition, both in your MLM and outside of it to be the likeable, credible business guru who can help potential customers solve a problem and help potential partners find the mentor they've been waiting for.