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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Things Every New Network Marketer Needs to Know the Minute They go All-in

 by Daria Jones

In my own personal development efforts during my first 45 days in this business I attended a regional conference and read, How to Make Big Money in Multi-Level Marketing by Dave Roller and Your first Year in Network Marketing, Overcome your Fears, Experience Success And Achieve your Dreams! by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell.  These were my top 10 take-aways from these resources.
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1. Know and use your product to develop your own testimonial.  Get excited about your product and be ready to promote it. Understand that this is a business, YOUR business and you have to treat it like a business and give it the love and attention it needs to grow.

In your first 90 days, focus solely on training yourself and inviting others to view the presentation with your sponsor or mentor present.  Do NOT talk about this business with friends or relatives until after you have made a commitment to the business AND have been trained on how to present the product.

2. Be prepared for rejection and learn how to overcome it. 

  • Fear that your prospect won’t be interested (rejection from strangers)
  • Fear of what others will think (rejection from friends and family)
  • Fear that you’re time poor and won’t do a good job (self-rejection)

Avoid taking rejection personally, rejection from others just means that the timing isn’t right in their life to take advantage of an opportunity.  To avoid, self-rejection begin immediately calling your warm contacts and approaching prospects after your training has completed.

3. Maintain enthusiasm in spite of the inevitable setbacks.  Successful network marketers have a positive, uplifting personality and enthusiasm for the business. We’re all excited when we first get started, but for most of us success won’t happen overnight, we have to persevere and stick with it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What do you do when fun, freedom, and fulfillment turns into F _ _ k! What was I thinking?!

What do you do when fun, freedom, and fulfillment turns into F _ _ k! What was I thinking?!

Written by Daria Jones

The answer is a simple, three step process: "re-evaluate, re-focus, and re-start."

The first step is to re-evaluate. Take a realistic look back at the annual disclosure statement for your business opportunity and ask yourself this question..."What percentage of newbies actually made it from one level to the next?

Take the following chart, for example, let’s say you aspire to be a marketing director—that’s halfway to the top of the line and makes for a comfortable average residual income. When you put the percentages in perspective though, you’ll notice that only sixty (60) out of one hundred thousand (100,000) people made it this far. If you’re like me when I came to that realization, you’re thinking “Frak!”

It seems a little overwhelming, doesn't it?  The good news is that it’s not impossible—someone, somewhere is doing it.  The point is you need to cash this reality check and re-focus.