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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What do you do when fun, freedom, and fulfillment turns into F _ _ k! What was I thinking?!

What do you do when fun, freedom, and fulfillment turns into F _ _ k! What was I thinking?!

Written by Daria Jones

The answer is a simple, three step process: "re-evaluate, re-focus, and re-start."

The first step is to re-evaluate. Take a realistic look back at the annual disclosure statement for your business opportunity and ask yourself this question..."What percentage of newbies actually made it from one level to the next?

Take the following chart, for example, let’s say you aspire to be a marketing director—that’s halfway to the top of the line and makes for a comfortable average residual income. When you put the percentages in perspective though, you’ll notice that only sixty (60) out of one hundred thousand (100,000) people made it this far. If you’re like me when I came to that realization, you’re thinking “Frak!”

It seems a little overwhelming, doesn't it?  The good news is that it’s not impossible—someone, somewhere is doing it.  The point is you need to cash this reality check and re-focus.

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The second step is to re-focus your expectations and your goals. Unless you are one of the freaky few who already have an available network of thousands of people you can approach about your product and/or business opportunity, you’ll have to build a network slow and steady.  You’re definitely gonna need some training for that.  You’re gonna want to set a dedicated amount of time each day or each week towards building your business, you’re gonna have decide how you want to divide your precious time between self-training, team meetings and lead generation.

The third step is to re-start.  You CAN do this if you really want to but it won’t just happen on its own as you sit on your sofa binging on comfort chocolates while watching LifeTime; you have to treat this opportunity like a real business. To re-start you have to do these things, right now.

1. Set an end goal.  If you need to “get 4 to pay no more”, then you have your first goal. Give yourself a time frame to meet that goal, say, 6 months. Then write down something like: By February 28, 2015 I will have signed up four or more people.

2. Talk to the people in your upline and solidify your goal.  How many “no’s” did your sponsor get through before s/he got a “sign me up!”? Maybe your sponsor talked to 200 people, of those people 60 actually took the time to review the product presentation and 10 of them signed up.  Does that mean you have to talk to 200 people?  Maybe, maybe not, but it gives you a quantifiable number to start with. There are about 182 days in the six month time frame you set for your goal. That means that you must connect with one to two people per day and let them know you have the product that will fulfill their needs. Even if you’re an introvert like me, one to two people per day won’t be too much of a drain on your energy. As an added bonus, give yourself a small reward for each day you make these connections and move closer to your end goal.

3. Learn how to make effective connections with your leads and then apply your learning. I would recommend reading the free, online Fast Start Play Book by David Pietsch or The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM by Eric Worre—both booklets are a short read and well worth it. Review training videos, practice inviting people to view your product presentations; talk to people on your team at the meetings and regional conferences, and most importantly, check back to this blog twice a month for tips, resources and encouragement. 

This is what the re-start looks like:

Goal: By February 28, 2015 I will have signed up four or more people to my downline by effectively connecting with 1-2 people per day.  To do this I will dedicate two hours per week developing myself and 30 minutes per day generating leads. I promise to reward myself for the work that I’ve accomplished each day by relaxing in the park, buying something small, seeing a movie, soaking in a bubble bath, or other small reward.

Okay, so you’ve accomplished quite a bit already, good job!  You’ve have exchanged your cray-cray  expectations for the reality of what you’ve gotten yourself into and you recognize that building your business will actually require real effort and that is okay because now you have a goal and a plan of attack.

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