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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Things Every New Network Marketer Needs to Know the Minute They go All-in

 by Daria Jones

In my own personal development efforts during my first 45 days in this business I attended a regional conference and read, How to Make Big Money in Multi-Level Marketing by Dave Roller and Your first Year in Network Marketing, Overcome your Fears, Experience Success And Achieve your Dreams! by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell.  These were my top 10 take-aways from these resources.
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1. Know and use your product to develop your own testimonial.  Get excited about your product and be ready to promote it. Understand that this is a business, YOUR business and you have to treat it like a business and give it the love and attention it needs to grow.

In your first 90 days, focus solely on training yourself and inviting others to view the presentation with your sponsor or mentor present.  Do NOT talk about this business with friends or relatives until after you have made a commitment to the business AND have been trained on how to present the product.

2. Be prepared for rejection and learn how to overcome it. 

  • Fear that your prospect won’t be interested (rejection from strangers)
  • Fear of what others will think (rejection from friends and family)
  • Fear that you’re time poor and won’t do a good job (self-rejection)

Avoid taking rejection personally, rejection from others just means that the timing isn’t right in their life to take advantage of an opportunity.  To avoid, self-rejection begin immediately calling your warm contacts and approaching prospects after your training has completed.

3. Maintain enthusiasm in spite of the inevitable setbacks.  Successful network marketers have a positive, uplifting personality and enthusiasm for the business. We’re all excited when we first get started, but for most of us success won’t happen overnight, we have to persevere and stick with it.

4. When you feel down, go upline and get the encouragement you need to keep up the effort.  Stay positive, make daily affirmations, surround yourself with positive people, go to the weekly team meetings for your MLM and get re-energized.

5.  Have realistic goals and expectations about the ABCs:

AThe number of people you personally need to recruit to succeed. You would need to approach at least 3 – 5Xs that amount of people.  Some will say, “No” at the outset; some will get the full exposure and disclosure on the product and/or opportunity and then say, “No” or “Maybe” or “I have to think about it” ; and a few may say, “Yes, I’m in!”

B. The perception about the time needed to succeed.  How much time do you need for personal development?  How much time should you dedicate to approaching new prospects and following up with them? How much time do you need to set aside to go to the weekly meetings?  How much time did it take the people in your upline to make his/her first recruit? How much time did it take others in your upline to build up their down line and start making residual income. One of the International Marketing Directors from my MLM dedicated 20 hours per week consistently to the business and achieved his status in 10 months.

C. The perception that building the business is effortless. No business is without effort and while we’re at it “Yes”  you do need to be able to sell it.  You will have to develop yourself into sales person, but you can dress it up and call yourself an educator.  You will need to confidently:
  • Get the attention of your prospect
  • Talk to prospects and identify a problem or need that your product or service can fill
  • Prove your case and talk about how this product fulfilled your needs
  • Tell them what they need to do next (attend a meeting, view the presentation, etc.)

6. Remember the key to building a successful business is to stick with one system long enough to allow it to work.  Avoid trying to incorporate all the different ways others have gained success in MLM, pick one method and roll with it for at least 6 months, rather than switching tactics from week to week.

7. Remember that the cold market is limitless. Approach everyone whether you’re in line at the BMV, at the club, in the grocery store check-out, at the PTA meeting or little league game. Never qualify your prospects, that is, don't pre-judge someone and assume they won't be interested, can't afford it, etc.  In fact the only thing you need to do is figure out how to adapt your invitation to the opportunity to their style. Create opportunities where you can meet potential prospects. For me that meant I needed to slow down and talk to people when I ran errands, it meant getting involved with my sorority, talking to  people at my son’s football games or my daughter’s cheer-leading events and attending Network-after-work meetings to touch base with other professionals seeking an opportunity to experience the American Dream.

8. Recruit as many front-line distributors each month as you can.   Recruit 6, develop them over a period of 14-30 days and then recruit 6 more. Rinse, repeat.

9. Manage your downline responsibly—Reinforce self-sufficiency of your downline over enabling dependency on you. Be there for your downline. Give them a hands-on orientation,  give them plenty of opportunities to watch and learn how to do invites, how to run meetings, how to host a travel party; direct them to the CDs, DVDs, ebooks, events, and other training tools they can use on their own. Check in with them once a week or a couple of times per month to give them coaching and moral support when needed.

10.  Know how to have a party!
Create an atmosphere of fun for your guests, have upbeat music before the presentation starts--James Brown 's Get on UP! for old school,  Lil John's Turn Down for What?  for the hipsters and whatever gets you moving for those folks in between. You're creating the energy and excitement felt as you finally board that plane and take off to your dream vacation.  

Greet every guest who comes in and thank them for coming, worry not for the no-shows.
Have some light fare for your snacks and beverages--nothing fancy is necessary, you want your guests comfortable but focused on the presentation at hand.

Let me know if these tips are helping you with your MLM efforts or if you've been in the business for a while, let me know if these were the things you knew (or wish you knew) during your first year in network marketing.