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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Why Fakin' It til You Make It'  Sucks as a Prospecting Strategy

by Daria Jones

When I first started approaching prospects for my MLM company I was naturally nervous, why? Direct sales was a new skill for me. Thankfully, I was told I didn't have to do any hard sells, all I had to do was generate curiousity about a legitimate, income-earning opportunity. I just needed to invite prospects to see and hear the presentation. It sounds simple, right?

Well, not for me because influencing people wasn't one of my best things. I didn't feel confident and that fed my nervousness, which probably made some prospects wary of me on a subconscious level which then led to more "No's" leaving me feeling even less confident. Prospecting began to feel like a punishing chore, something that needed to be done in order to succeed, a necessary evil like flossing, pap smears or prostate exams.   I knew I had to break away from that mindset quickly because I want to succeed.  What I needed was advice and training to break out of that self-imposed rut.