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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Multi-Level Marketing is NOT a Scam,  Haters Need to Stop Hating and Start Working

 by Daria Jones

People seem to think that multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, attraction marketing whatever the new catch phrase of the day is, are new concepts.  They aren't. These terms describe a system by which independent agents earn commissions through the sale and distribution of products or services to customers while building their own sales force of additional independent agents whose sales revenues feed into the original agent's income. Each generation of independent agents recruits the next, and so on, and so on. 

Only with network marketing can the average person invest a small sum and through their own self development, effort and determination so that s/he can realize real financial rewards, freedom, and fulfillment.  Ahhh, capitalism as it was meant to be.

It's not a scam or pyramid scheme--there is an actual product being sold..  I've never seen any headline calling out MLM front runners like Tupperware, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay or Pure Romance as scammers. So why are bad things being said about good companies using the MLM business model to expand?  Take WorldVentures for example, it's the right company selling the right product- one that everyone wants at a price that they can't get anywhere else.
It's been around for 9 years and counting and it's gaining momentum and growth around the world in 23+ countries.

Are you tired of paying retail for your vacations?
Even if you're using an agent, you still may not know what there is to do once you get there. 
We have carefully crafted vacation experiences for family, romance, sports, and volunteerism offered at wholesale prices.
Isn't it time you focused on seeing the world and building the memories with your loved ones rather than worrying about your wallet?

If you're ready to LIVE more while paying less, then you should click here to join up. Watch the Joe Traveler video and find out more.  You may or may not be interested but for the vacation of your dreams, but isn't it worth checking out?

Recently, its DreamTrips Vacation Club was named “World’s Leading Travel Club” at the 2013 World Travel Awards Grand Final (that's "the travel industry's equivalent to the Oscars") by the Wall Street Journal.

It has a step by step system that is simple enough that anyone can do it if they are willing to take advantage of the training tools available and work with a supportive team. You can't go wrong with the right company, with the right product, at the right time.  It's just RIGHT.

So, why do the few and the loud voices complaining that WV is a scam get so much press? What are they complaining about?  Sure, there are a few customers who fail to note that airfare isn't included for many of the dream trips.  Airfare prices are fickle by nature and they are driven by where you live as much as where you want to go so it makes sense that WorldVenture's partner, Rovia provides a TOOL for you to search for and find the best airfares for your dream trip and then uses the RateShrinker technology to track price drops in your airfare and feed the savings back to you.

Then there are the former, representatives. "Oh, they said I could make fast, easy money from home, but I didn't realize I'd have to treat the project like a business."  No matter what MLM you choose: YES, you will have to work it like an entrepreneur to be successful, you'll have to commit to being consistent over the long haul.  Most start up companies, for example, don't see a profit for 3 - 5 years on average. Before calling an MLM  company out as a scam, I challenge you to develop yourself and consistently work at the business for at least three years.